9 AM - 4PM
Sun - Fri
Kathmandu, Nepal

Jesse’s International Boarding Secondary School was established in 1991 AD with a motive of providing the quality education in the new context of that time.

With the slogan of “Education for Enlightenment, Progress and Peace”, the mission of JIBS School is to prepare every student to be a lifelong learner, independent thinker, and responsible citizen. It is a learning place committed to academic excellence and fostering the hidden creativity and talent of all children. With more than 25 years of experience JIBS school is one of the most successful schools in Chandragiri municipality. The school has enjoyed success with its unique teaching method, using multimedia technology, innovative classroom and social activities to allow students to learn in a natural and friendly environment. It provides a learning environment with a clear mission to meet the needs of the children through the medium of the English language. The school has a strong team of qualified and experienced teachers, including teachers in the specific areas of Art, Music, Dance, Physical Education and Martial Art.

JIBS School has dared to dream to sail everyone into the academic career from preschool to high school. Our vision is to become an international school with dedicated faculty members and emphasize collaborative, project-based learning which inspire individual responsibility and a commitment to serve by respecting the diversity of others and valuing the relationships that unite us as a school community.


To develop capable and ideal citizen through quality education.


To Craft out the successful citizen not merely in academic sector for his her employment, family and country but also contributor for the whole world and humanity.